Meeting minutes

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  • Date: 5th April 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:08
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Ahern – who is continuing with his recovery;


The Chairman declared an interest in the Memorial Hall and is on the Patients Participation Group; Cllrs Collins, D’este Hoare, Lamacraft and Crookshank declared an interest in item 13 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees, Cllr Collins and Cllr Foster– Item 7, Community Facility Working Group. Cllr Collins – Memorial Hall.


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated, after confirmation of a slight amendment, were agreed and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


Clanfield Voluntary Care Group AGM – members copied and asked to respond
Thank you letters for the donations from 1st Clanfield Scout Group; CAB;
Cubs – Environmental Conservation Badge - suggestions
Parish Training – 4th and 11th May – Cllrs Collins and D’este Hoare will be attending (one on each day)
Green Lane – developments various copy e.mails
e.mails / letter regarding allotment concerns
RoSPA – notification that play equipment inspections will be carried out in May
Copy e.mail regarding Periwinkle Lane concerns
Meadowcroft Close concerns – part of the concern was previously raised with the planning officer by the PC
Petanque e.mails
EHDC – letter regarding the Chalton Car Park EHDC has decided not to renew the lease which expires on 31st May this year – this will be added to the May agenda for decision
- Devolution briefing– Cllr Foster attending; Chalton Windmill urgent works notification
- Breach of Planning notifications
- Crime Prevention for Older People – the Chairman and Cllr Clarke have expressed an interest in attending
Procurement Event – Cllrs Crookshank and Collins to attend
HCC – Clanfield Village - Traffic calming and school crossing improvements Phase 1 will commence on 3rd May. This work will entail the construction of the build-outs in East Meon Road and Chalton Lane, together with all three gateways.
London Road & Lovedean Lane 40mph Speed Limits – public advertisement expires 11th April
Community Engagement Ranger Service
HALC – various communications; Audit updates; DCLG consultation Document
- Devolution; LAIS1388 Planning Changes
CPRE AGM 14th May
Other general correspondence duly circulated


County Councillor Moon reported that the QECP had increased their parking fees; he spoke on the following: Young People; Reporting Abuse; Waste Recycling Centres; Teenage Pregnancy; Devolution Bid – undergoing further discussions; Healthy Meals for Schools/Academies – this concluded the HCC report

District councillor Moon reported that he had excellent news with regards to the Crimea Barns discussions had been held with the developer and since the last meeting he had visited the barns and considered that if they are to be saved they would need to generate revenue once secured and developed the cost would be significant. The Council had put a stake in the ground by writing to the Developer stating that they would like to retain the barns – agreement had been reached, in principle, but there were a number of areas still to be resolved i.e. adjustment to the housing, CIL – it was hoped that planners would look favourably on an application from the Developer and there would be a three year agreement to allow work to be done on the barns – the developer can take the barns back if they are not retained by the PC. The next step is funding – a complex issue which would require community engagement. He spoke on a group called Building Steps based in Petersfield who worked with Job Centre plus to provide skills to enable people to get back to work they could also help with grants. It was hoped that this could be progressed – Cllr Collins thanked Cllrs Clarke and D’este Hoare for the work they had done to date and a vote of thanks was made to Cllr Moon and Claire Hughes.

Cllr Moon reported that there would be a by-election on 5th May to elect a new District Councillor following the resigntion of Tony Denton


Cllr Moons had announced that the barns would be saved under his report – this was good news. A Conservation Building Survey would be conducted by a local surveyor at a cost of £500 – Cllr Moon had made a Councillor grant of £1000 to the Council which would cover the cost of the survey. Suggestion slips for the usage of the barns had been submitted at the exhibition – farm shop; library etc. Various Trusts had offered assistance – Cllr Clarke re-iterated thanks to Cllr Moon and Claire Hughes. Cllr Moon said that the Group referred to in his report could employ apprentices to carry out thatching; stone wall building etc. – EHDC support could help with funding applications.


  1. Working Group report and discussion regarding future actions / report on exhibition
    Cllr Collins reported that the exhibition had been held and 350+ people attended – a vote of thanks was given to EHDC who provided the materials etc. 129 questionnaires were completed and the information was currently being collated. Nick Laker from DWH reported that the building was progressing as per the build programme. At this point Cllr Moon reported that the Clanfield Parish Institute were willing, in principle, to take on the running of the community building subject to more information being available. The recent news regarding the Feed in Tariff was excellent and had been a difficult part of the discussions towards the sustainability of the building. Cllr Ahern had sent an e.mail report stating that “…the developer has confirmed that the PV roof and associated interface equipment will be supplied with the necessary certification to permit the essential “interconnect” to the main electric supplier… the new facility will be as near sustainable as possible at the present time…” – this would need to be confirmed in writing.
    Matters regarding the kitchen were ongoing – commercial equipment would need to be supplied - the joint operation as a limited Company was also being considered – it was hoped that as Parish Institute Trustees Cllr Moon, Cllr Ahern and Cllr Collins would put together a formal proposal to bring to the Council in either May or June.
  2. To consider recommendation regarding naming the community building
    One of the questions was to suggest a name for the building – the recommended name was Clanfield Community and Sports Centre – it was duly RESOLVED that this would be the name of the building.
  3. Way forward regarding the allotments
    It was still hoped to improve the proposed allotment area to provide additional plots and parking etc. rather than the agreed planning permission. The developer had offered £8,500 to enable the Parish Council to complete the site, but it was agreed that this would not be accepted as the Council could not achieve what has been proposed. The top soil was not cultivatable in its present state – it was considered that a formal approach be made to the developer, via Claire Hughes as to what the council can expect – she would also ask if top soil could be transported from the St James Place site as this was better quality and Mr Goodwill had offered to do this. There is a British Standard as to what requirements need to be met.
  4. EHDC update
    This had been covered above, although Cllr Moon did state that Claire Hughes had been promoted but she would not lose sight of Clanfield


This item had been added to the agenda to inform all members of the Council that the CFWG had commenced looking at the community facilities to be provided on the new St James Place development site. A WG meeting had been held on the evening prior to the PC meeting and recommendations, culminating from several months work, from the WG had been submitted although it was stated that these could not be considered as members had not had enough time to consider the recommendations put forward and they should be brought to the May meeting. However, Cllr Moon informed the members that as there was a deadline of the end of April would the Council consider asking Claire Hughes to liaise with the Developer on their behalf. One of the main concerns was that the design of the bowls pavilion was not considered to be “fit for purpose” and would need to be re-considered. CH had enough information to talk to the developer about the way forward – it was stated that this application was different from Windmill View and the developer was under no obligation to negotiate, but a conversation would need to be had with regards to the bowling pavilion and the interior would need to be looked at. It was considered that Ken Graham, would need to be consulted and the building would need to comply with Sport England requirements. It was also stated that football needs were not compatible with Bowls. Members agreed verbally that they would accept this as the way forward and would await further detailed information from Claire Hughes for consideration at the May meeting.

OPEN FORUM 8.25 p.m.

Matters raised: who has been approached regarding running the new community facility; football pitch – Windmill View date for handover of all of the facilities provided – all land belongs to the developer when all facilities had been completed this would be handed to EHDC and then to CPC; bins on the Windmill View site not emptied; Sails on the windmill – being refurbished.



  1. To receive Year End financial statement The financial statement as at 31st march had been circulated to members showing a closing balance of £390,052.49. The accounts would now be prepared for the audit – the internal audit would take place the week of 18th April and the audit statement would be presented at the May meeting.
  2. To receive list of payments Payments totalling £7,655.39 which included grants, had been issued since the March meeting; Payments totalling £3,874.80 were presented at this meeting. It was RESOLVED that all payments be duly made / accepted. List of payments attached to minutes for members.

41/16TO UPDATE ON FUTURE PROJECTS UTILISING DEVELOPERS CONTRIBUTIONS i.e. basketball area, extending hard standing path; concrete path around pavilion

Cllr Crookshank reported that £9,957 applied for and agreed full funding of path/apron around the pavilion - £6,865 applied for and agreed part funding for the conversion of petanque area to basketball, and extension of football pitch hard standing to join basketball area to skate park via a footpath. Full cost of this is £12,865, £6K to come from precepted budget for youth projects. This leaves £5,027 in developers contributions. EHDC due to collect £16200 from DWH in respect of Meadowcroft Way. There is also £15,844 in the environmental improvements pot for projects such as village centre improvements and tree/hedge planting. The Council were encouraged to use the funds as soon as possible or with the introduction of CIL monies would go into a larger fund for general applications from all Councils. It was agreed that another quotation be sought for the proposed tarmacing as a comparison (one local company had been contacted but declined due to work commitments) to the company who had quoted to carry out the skate ramp works


There had been various emails circulated regarding the bin emptying - the final outcome was that the current contractor propose to charge £2184.00 + VAT, a revised quotation had been submitted by the local contractor to £1801.80 + VAT based on 8 bins. There are two bins on the Windmill View estate which will remain, in any case, with the current contractor as the agreement for this was signed in December. It was RESOLVED that the current contract be signed for one year otherwise there would be two different contractor with a view to revising in early 2017.


Play Equipment Inspections - revised costings – The current charges are £51.00 per weekly visit – proposed increase to £53.04 per visit (plus VAT) - duly agreed to continue with contractor.

Pavilion Two of the exterior lights were not working – as the electrician was due to visit to carry out the PAT test it was agreed that he be asked to address the issue with the lighting at the same time.

Skate Ramps – Order placed for replacement of skate ramps It was anticipated that the work would commence at the end of May/beginning of June – the tarmac would be laid first, left to dry and then the equipment would be installed. With regards to the approach made to the Council by a user to have the old ramp(s) it was suggested that he make direct contact with the contractor to agree the way forward and if they agreed then the contract would be between them.


STORRINGTON ROAD – Queens Birthday event application; An approach had been made to the Council to hold and event in Storrington Road which would be open to all residents – it would be a charity event organised by Windmill View residents. The main concern was insurance – the Councils insurance company would not insure the event unless it was being led by the Council – it was suggested that the organisers make contact with the company who insure Greening Clanfield to see if they would insure – the Council may be able to assist with funding for this, but advice would have to be sought.

SUNDERTON MEADOW There was rubbish in the hedgerow which would be cleared as soon as the weather dried up to allow vehicular access

SOUTH LANE MEADOW As above – but the contractor had been asked to identify the type of rubbish as the Housing Association may need to be notified and the residents from Sword Close asked not to put their rubbish over the fence.

POND A volunteer day to be arranged to enable the restoration of some of the shuttering. Cllr Crookshank had been approached by a resident asking if the Cubs as part of their Environmental badges could assist with any works – it was considered that they could help at the pond, but this may not be suitable – it was suggested that they may be able to assist with litter picking.


To receive planning committee minutes It was RESOLVED that the planning minutes be duly accepted – the next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 19th April.

Bus Shelters Another local person had been approached and hopefully may be able to submit a quotation in due course.

Any other reports There were no other reports


The meeting closed at 9.08 p.m.

The next meeting is the Annual General Meeting and is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd May, 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m.


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