AGM minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 3rd May 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Cllr White informed the members that she would not be standing for Chairman and duly called for nominations for the Chair - Cllr Collins was proposed and seconded and was therefore duly elected as Chairman for the
coming year. Cllr Ahern thanked Cllr White for everything she had done over the past two years during which time it had been a traumatic period for the Council in particular with regard to the new community facilities.
The Chairman also thanked Cllr White for all she had done on the Councils behalf. The Chairman called for nominations for Vice Chairman – Cllr D’este Hoare was proposed and seconded and duly elected as Vice Chairman. The Chairman signed the declaration


Apologies were received from Cllr Crookshank and Cllr Lamacraft who would be attending late


The Chairman and Cllr D’este Hoare, declared an interest in item 16 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees, The Chairman, Cllr Foster and Cllr Ahern – Item 6, Community Facility Working Group. The Chairman and Cllr Ahern - Memorial Hall. Cllr White Memorial Hall, Patients Participation Group and Periwinkle Lane;


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated, after confirmation of a slight amendment, were agreed and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


Cllr Moon congratulated Cllrs Collins and D’este Hoare for their elected positions and paid tribute to Cllr White during her term as Chairman which had been testing at times.

Cllr Moon reported that there is to be a District Council by-election in this area on Thursday which would run alongside the election for the new Police and Crime commissioner. He reported that due to the sad passing away of Cllr Judy Onslow there would also be a by-election in Greatham. He stated that the devolution issue was moving at a rapid rate and a bid was being put in for a combined authority, but there were questions to be answered and there was a lot more negotiation ahead. One form of authority could include a Mayor

Cllr Moon (HCC) report is attached to the minutes but he covered the main points and added that the majority of schools do not wish to become academies

Questions were put to Cllr Moon including what effect would an elected Mayor have – democracy would change and District councillors could cover a larger number of residents – how can an elected Mayor operate in a rural community?; a question was asked regarding the success of sibling placements at schools – it is considered a high priority to keep siblings together.


a. Working Group report and discussion regarding the future - It was stated that most of the activities were outside of the Parish Council control at present.

Claire Hughes reported that an agreement had been reached with the developer with regard to the Crimea Barns and the retention of the barns was being considered but was dependant on planning permission – the developer was in the process of submitting an application to re-align some of the dwellings

a. Way forward regarding the allotments - the developer had offered a sum of money to enable the Parish Council to carry out the works/extend the allotments – a decision was expected to be made at the June meeting. Claire Hughes would send the clerk the revised costing for the extension of the allotments

b. EHDC update The bowls/football pitch at St James Place – the design for the pavilion had been submitted and originally approved which does include facilities for football – it was stated that the design does not work for Bowls if the Parish decided to provide just a Bowls pavilion and leave the land as open space then public consultation would be required and a new planning application submitted – as these requirements were in the s.106 they would need to be provided somewhere else. The pavilion could have a separate changing space for football or a separate building – Claire Hughes was to meet with Stuart Goodwill, from DWH the following week, but she did state that DWH do have permission to build the pavilion as per the planning permission. With regards to the Tennis courts – it was hoped that there would be a more detailed update at the June meeting as the processes were being worked on. There was concern regarding a conflict of interest for the new pavilion and also that there would need to be a legal agreement for the barns.

At this point Cllr Ahern thanked Cllr Foster for chairing the Working Group whilst he had been recuperating – the Working Group had done a splendid job and had completed their task as far as Windmill View was concerned. The Down Farm development had not gone to outline planning so the Parish Council did not have the opportunity to comment – with regards to the allotments he suggested that the Windmill View and Down Farm allotments should be provided as one long area which could all be prepared at the same time although there was no provision for storage with regards to Down Farm. A larger allotment area could provide a larger storage area as one facility.
He said that now Windmill View had been established the Working Group had served its purpose and there should now be an active working group for Down Farm.

With regards to amalgamating the two allotments Claire Hughes said she would raise at her meeting with Stuart Goodwill and look at all of the options.. A question arose regarding funding for these allotment facilities – Developers contributions? Cllr Crookshank was clarifying with Alisdair Tweddle if they could be used for this purpose. Cllr Foster thanked Claire Hughes for remaining committed to the PC with regards to the community facilities.
It was stated that HCC would need to be consulted regarding access to the barns and the bowls pavilion

At this point Cllr Moon reported that the Chalton Lane roadworks had commenced and the Green Lane traffic calming/re-surfacing was scheduled to start late June subject to the availability of the contractor.

c. Update from the Clanfield Parish Institute on the way forward Cllr Moon reported that it was proposed that the Clanfield Parish Institute would form a limited company – Clanfield Sports and Leisure Ltd – they would be a non-profit company and could claim back VAT . The Trustees have agreed to enter into a contract to operate the two halls and took advice from their auditor and accountants who are comfortable with the proposals for the way forward. CPI would like to take up the opportunity of running the memorial Hall and the new facility under the Sports and Leisure Ltd – there would be no conflict of interest and communications/administration would all be under one roof – there are issues to be addressed i.e. the kitchen, which the PC would provide funding for. The company would recruit and train staff subject to CPC approval and a detailed analysis of costs would be provided – a meeting was proposed between the Trustees and the parish Council to discuss and formulate a contract but CPI had agreed in principle and would hope that the PC would agree in principle. It was agreed that the matter of the joint running of the two halls would be progressed further – the Parish Clerk would be informed when the meeting had been arranged and it was suggested that 2 members of the CPI and the PC, it was suggested that the Chair and Vice Chair, be appointed to bring a proposal back to the PC. The Chairman of the PC is currently the secretary to the CPI so must be aware of a possible conflict of interest.


This matter had been covered within the report of the previous item


Cllr Clarke reported that a conservation survey has been completed, financed by a grant from District Councillor Ken Moon. There are now reports which agree that the barns are worthy of being saved. Their condition justifies the effort of doing so and this has reflected the positive response received from meetings with the Architectural Heritage Fund and Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust. A group from Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust visited the barns recently. They were extremely interested and supportive of the project and had much advice and potential sources of funding and further assistance. A site visit with the Chairman of the Hampshire Bat Group is being arranged, for advice and guidance, given the evidence of bats using the barns. Contact is also to be made with the South Downs National Park Authority for support.

At the February meeting, this Parish Council made the decision to take on the barns subject to agreeable conditions. The next stage is to seek architectural advice and prepare draft proposals for the sub division of the barns which will require more detailed building advice being sought and preparation of plans. Cllr Moon reported that he is keen to get Building Steps involved – he was given permission to pass the recently received report without the costings on to the BS representative – a site meeting would be arranged. It was considered that a proper group needed to be formed with the backing of District Council – finance was the real issue

OPEN FORUM 8.20 p.m.

Matters raised: A concern regarding the Chalton Lane roadworks – the safety fencing around the “build out” obscures the view of the road ahead and this was a potential safety issue – Cllr Moon stated that HCC would have carried out a Risk Assessment - he would have a look at the area; Rusty signage left by the developer in Green Lane – Claire Hughes would deal with this;


Cllr Ahern retired from the meeting at this point

54/16TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE LIST – EHDC meeting representation

Various correspondence regarding community facilities / cc planning enforcement e.mails
Local development enquiry from member of public
Report on Green Lane pot holes – forwarded on accordingly
Notification of RoSPA inspection scheduled for May
East Hampshire and the proposed Solent Combined Authority
EHDC Local Plan part 3 consultation; Planning minutes/meeting
- Community Resilience workshop; East Hampshire Passenger Transport Forum - Tuesday 24th May 2016
- Meeting to discuss schemes in Clanfield 7/8/9 or 15th June – Cllr Moon would confirm date of meeting
HCC – Driver Skills Scheme 60+ ; Trading Standards Warnings
HALC – response to Technical planning consultation
- Employment Update seminar; Transparency Fund 2016/17 Transparency Fund 2016/17
- Governance and Accountability guide 2016
RP partner for HARAH
EHAPTC – Hampshire Devolution bids – letter
SLCC – branch meeting and EGM notification
CPRE Countryside awards
N S & I change in interest reduced from 0.75% to 0.45%
Various general correspondence.


EHDC were not renewing the lease on the Chalton car park with the landowner – it was stated that the agreement was between them and the landowner and the Parish Council were only the third party in the agreement – paying 50%of the costs towards maintenance. The local public house does utilise the area and it may be that they are offered the lease – after consideration it was agreed that the Parish Council would wait to see what happens – there had been allocated funds within the precept but it may be possible to add these to the contingency budget


Members were aware a local resident had approached the Press regarding the deteriorating condition of the BOAT – communications began with HCC several years ago, HCC said that there was a process to have the BOAT made into a restricted path and this would take some time to do – Cllr Moon did look into the matter in February 2015 – it was considered that the pathway had deteriorated even further with deep ruts in places and was considered extremely dangerous – Cllr Moon stated that it was very difficult to change/down grade a Boat back to a restricted pathway. Anti-social behaviour or some users had been reported – could not this be an issue to be dealt with – Cllr Moon to check. In the meantime the clerk had reported the concerns again and chased up on the original complaint.


  1. To receive financial statement the financial statement had been duly circulated to members showing a closing balance of £432,533.45, this included the first precept payment. The financial statement was duly accepted
  2. To receive list of payments - payment totalling £1,177.20 had been issued since the last meeting – payment totalling £3,433.41 had been submitted for payment – it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members
  3. To agree and sign off the accounts for 2015/16 - the accounts had been produced by the clerk and reviewed by the Internal Auditor and signed off accordingly. It was RESOLVED that the Chairman and Clerk sign them at this meeting.


  1. To Agree the Annual Governance Statement The Annual Statement of Assurance had been received and the appropriate section had been copied to members – it was RESOLVED that all sections would be completed with a “yes” and the Chair and Clerk would duly sign accordingly. The audit would be advertised on the noticeboards as from 16th June for the inspection dates during July
  2. To agree the Accounting Statement The accounting statement was submitted to member and it was RESOLVED that it be duly accepted.

59/16TO UPDATE ON FUTURE PROJECTS i.e. basketball area, extending hard standing path; concrete path around pavilion

A further quotation with regards to the three “lots” of tarmacing in Peel Park had been received – the clerk had checked with the auditor that a third was not obtained – the other company was approached, but declined to quote due to heavy commitments. The quotation from the company who are carrying out the skate ramp works is: £12,865.00 for the footpath extensions and the petanque area : £3,092.00 for the apron around the pavilion (£4,800 if carried out as a separate visit). The other local company quotation was: £11,646.00 for the footpath extensions and petanque area; £6,971.00 for the apron around the pavilion. It was RESOLVED that the company carrying out the skate ramp works would be asked to do the other areas at the same time. There are Developers contributions earmarked towards the cost of the footpath and petanque projects to the sum of £9,957.00 – balance to come from PC funds


  1. Play Equipment The RoSPA inspection was due in May – the outstanding works had not yet been carried out due to the weather – it was hoped that they would be done asap.
  2. Pavilion – the PAT test had been carried out and 2 faulty light sensors had been fixed
  3. Skate Ramps – work should commence end of May beginning of June


STORRINGTON ROAD – Queens Birthday event agreement/Insurance. It was agreed that the Queens birthday event could be held (it was not actually agreed at the last meeting) - regarding insurance the organisers have a quotation but unfortunately the PC cannot assist individuals they could have done if there was a Residents Association but this is in the early stages of being set up and no bank account available. It did appear that the event had grown and there were concerns regarding access/parking etc. Council representatives to meet with the organisers accordingly.

SUNDERTON MEADOW the adjacent landowner has now guaranteed that due to a change in horse ownership there will be no further issues with regards to manure being placed on PC land;

SOUTH LANE MEADOW The AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 24th May; all rubbish in both Meadows should be cleared imminently

POND Nothing to report


To receive planning committee minutes It was RESOLVED that the planning minutes be duly accepted – the next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 10th May.

Bus Shelters the person approached has come back with a brochure from Littlehopes which was the company the PC originally approached – another local person has been asked to quote, but he has been on holiday, if nothing can be progressed for wooden shelters the last resort could be to install the modern version of what is already there – locally based company

Any other reports Cllr White had attended the Voluntary Care Group AGM – over 60’s drivers refresher course had been the main topic; she had also attended the Patients participation Group meeting items covered – meeting with NHS England; electronic prescribing; missed appointments – registration had not increased, amount of appointments had increased. Cllr Foster had attended the EHDC devolution meeting – this was a very complex topic. The Chairman and Cllr Crookshank had attended a Procurement training event – clerk would go through the notes in due course


Members were asked if they wished to make any changes to their Committee/Working Group membership.
It was RESOLVED that Cllr White be re-elected as Chair of the Planning Committee


The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 7th June, 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m.


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