Meeting minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 1st March 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:08
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:

The Chairman welcomed those in attendance and explained that the Parish Clerk- Diane Duffy was unwell and that Michelle Snow would cover as Locum Clerk for the meeting.

The Chairman also announced that item 7 was to move up the agenda to item 3 due to the public attendance.


Apologies received from Cllr B. Ahern, Cllr K. Crookshank, Cllr T. LePage & Cllr L. Lamacraft.


The Chairman declared an interest in the Memorial Hall and is on the Patients Participation Group; Cllrs Collins and D’este Hoare declared an interest in item 14 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees, Cllr Collins and Cllr Foster– Item 7, Community Facility Working Group. Cllr Collins – Item 14, Memorial Hall.


a) Working Group report and discussion regarding future actions/update on exhibition

RUNNING OF FACILITIES – Cllr Moon expressed a keen interest in moving forward with the Parish Institute taking control of the facilities as he felt there was a need to access data. This is so that plans for recruiting staff and budgeting for costs incurred due to the conditions which are currently extremely muddy on site. It was agreed that there was a need to establish who would operate the facilities and this could be discussed further after the results of the public questionnaire at the exhibition had been received.

KITCHEN - County & District Cllr Ken Moon gave an update on his involvement of the kitchen design for the new community building. He explained that having previously had involvement some years ago with a similar facility at Cowplain he had a good understanding of the Environmental Health Regulations involved. He continued to explain that he was not satisfied that the kitchen layout plan submitted to the developers was good enough for environmental health officers to sign off. It being potentially for commercial use depending on what the Parish Council and Clanfield Parish Institute finally decides upon. The Council responded by explaining that the developers needed to have a layout so they would know where to place the first fix services such as electrics and plumbing. The layout was not intended to be a final plan as it was to be used as a guide for the services only. Cllr Moon explained that the economics of the project was of paramount importance as it has to be a cost effective. He stressed that the developers will have to wait until the community groups and residents have come up with the right plan. James Snelgar (BDWH) expressed concerns over the timeframes of finalising plans as he will need to relay information back to site. Cllr Foster confirmed that the floor covering has been chosen for the new community facility.

It was agreed that Cllr Foster and Cllr Collins would meet with Cllr Moon to discuss the kitchen further. The invitation was extended to Claire Hughes (EHDC) as she had information regarding the hot water systems to discuss. Also James Snelgar of Barratt David Wilson Homes. The Clerk is to provide the budget information to the Councillors. The group will then report back to the Parish Council.

EXHIBITION - The exhibition has been confirmed as being held on Saturday the 12th of March at Clanfield Memorial Hall between 10am-4pm. The flyers advertising the event have started to be distributed, copies of which will be placed on the supermarket noticeboards. Members of the Blendworth Centre have received copies of the flyers for their distribution rounds in Clanfield. Banners have been amended following the comments received. The banners will be printed at the end of the week and ready for erection next week. The working group is meeting next Thursday. A Kindle has kindly been donated by a local business for the person who puts forward the best name for the new facilities. Cllr Ferris Cowper Leader of East Hampshire District Council is to be invited along to the exhibition. A detailed questionnaire will be available for the public to complete.

b) Way forward regarding allotments – Nothing further to add at this time.

c) EHDC Update – Claire Hughes of East Hampshire District Council updated the Parish Council on the points she would be addressing in the coming weeks. She explained that together with Linda Brown she would be finalising the hot water system requirements as there are regulations that have to be met. She continued that this is something that will probably be raised when discussing the kitchen layout (as discussed in minute 18/16 a)). The sports pitches would need to comply with the EHDC specification and currently she is unsure if they meet the requirements set by the District Council. The final point was that of formally inviting the Parish Council to take on the ownership/running of the new facilities. She explained that EHDC or the Parish Council could take on these facilities but as they are within the Parish they are better placed to run them. A formal invitation will follow. The Councillors responded to the design of the sports facilities stating that after they had taken advice that according to the plans they are not fit for purpose as issues had been found with the changing rooms, toilet doors opening the wrong way and storage issues. Cllrs expressed their concerns and declared that a re-design not just a small tweak would be required.

Claire Hughes leaves the meeting at 7.40pm


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated, after confirmation of a slight amendment, were agreed and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.

20/16TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE LIST – None were presented to the Council due to the clerk’s absence, but emails had as always been circulated to members


District Councillor Moon’s Report.
East Hampshire District Council have continued to purchase property in the East Hampshire District area which includes the Barclays building in Petersfield High Street and Liphook A3 Service Station. The return is at least 5% and there are good tenants in place. This generates £759,000 in income compared to £650,000 if the investment had continued in the money markets. The District Council shall be reducing its council tax by 2% and by the end of 2020 the Council is hoping to be self sufficient and charging no council tax. It is expected that no government grant funding will also be received at this time.

County Councillor Moon’s report – Attached to the minutes

Local issues - Speed limits and pavements along Chalton Lane were discussed and Cllr Moon advised that traffic management team are to be looking into road improvement and traffic calming measures suitable for the road. Cllr Moon advised people to go to the website ‘Fix my Street’ where potholes can be reported, these are usually repaired within 48 hours. James Snelgar (BDWH) confirmed that a damaged bollard at the Windmill View junction had now been repaired.


  1. Home Start Butser application for £1,000.It was resolved that £1,000 would be awarded to Home Start Butser after a vote was taken with the following results; 5 for, 0 against and 1 abstained.
  2. Clanfield Parish Institute – essential work to Memorial Hall toilets –application for £4,000. It was resolved and unanimously agreed that £4,000 be awarded to the Clanfield Parish Institute. The money is to come from the PC contingency funds.
  3. CAB Support application for £2,300 - It was resolved and unanimously agreed that £500 be awarded to the CAB.
  4. Clanfield Scout Group – further application for the purchase of equipment. - It was resolved and unanimously agreed that £400 be awarded to the Clanfield Scout Group.
    Cllr Moon mentioned that a small reserve of grant funds were available from Tony Denton’s devolved fund. He had been authorised to award grants to use up these funds, however there are only 17 days left for him to do this.


Mr James Snelgar of Barratt David Wilson Homes read out a statement on behalf of the developers in response to the request made by the Parish Council to retain Down Farm Crimean Barns. The statement included two main points. The first being that the developers were willing to consider retaining the barns if they could re-site the 4 bungalows that were intended to be built on that site. This would involve a discussion with the Planning Authority and a revision of the current planning permission. The second point being that the developers would like to see evidence of how the renovation works are to be financed by the end of March. The Parish Councillors together with Cllr Moon expressed concerns regarding the timescale, summed up by the Chairman who stated that the Clerk had sent several emails over some months to establish if the retention of the barns would be acceptable to the developers. Until a response had been received no action such as the creation of any detailed financial proposals were under taken. To be given less than a month to produce and submit such proposals is unrealistic and unacceptable. The Councillors also responded by stating that to apply for a revision of the planning permission will take some months to process by the Planning Authority so they could not see where the end of March deadline had come from. Cllr Clarke had arranged a site meeting with representatives from the Heritage Fund but explained that the process of seeking expert advice takes time. Mr Snelgar is to speak with his Stuart Goodwill to relay the Councils comments.

James Snelgar left the meeting at 8.40pm

OPEN FORUM 8.41 p.m.

Matters Raised: Carbon Monoxide Alarms; following on from a previous meeting, the position/location of a carbon monoxide alarm was discussed and the advice was to read the instructions on how and where to fit the alarm correctly; Traffic calming: Many questions referred to the speed limits and traffic calming measures along Chalton Lane. Cllr Moon advised the residents that the traffic management team from Havant will be looking at what speed restriction and traffic calming measures can be introduced to make the road safer. The idea of a roundabout was dismissed as an old idea which was mentioned some years ago during the initial planning; Finance information for the renovation of the barns: It was asked why the developers are so concerned about having the financial information about the barn. The response was speculation but the developers are probably concerned that if the barns remain derelict they will make the place look untidy. This could in turn devalue the houses they are trying to sell; Doctors surgery: Concerns were raised over the length of time is takes to see a doctor. From the day of making the appointment, to the day of seeing a doctor the wait is currently three weeks to see any doctor and about six weeks to see you own doctor. It was also noted that it takes many attempts to get through to the doctors by phone. Cllr Moon is in regular contact with Dr Crispin and he will investigate these issues.



To receive financial statement The financial statement for March had been duly circulated showing the balance on this statement £400,372.90 - it was RESOLVED that the statement be duly accepted.

To receive list of payments Payments totalling £1,122.78 had been issued since the February meeting; Payments totalling £3,736.43 were presented at this meeting. It was RESOLVED that all payments be duly made / accepted. List of payments attached to minutes for members

The internal audit took place in February and no issues were raised.


The report had been distributed to all Councillors and it was agreed that the project agreement conditions document be duly signed to enable the project to progress

26/16TO AGREE FUTURE PROJECTS UTILISING DEVELOPERS CONTRIBUTIONS i.e. basketball area, extending hard standing path.

The use of developers contributions to extend the hardstanding area of the basketball court were discussed. It was noted that the path round the pavilion was very uneven and it was agreed that the clerk would get some quotes to repair the footpath.

Discussions were had regarding the use of developers contributions for projects such as the barn renovations but Cllr Moon advised that it was unlikely to get funding. Cllr Clarke added that maybe they could be used for the landscaping outside the barns. Cllr Moon reminded the Council that S106 developers contributions will be replaced with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) next month.


The Chairman informed the Council that The Landscape Group (English Landscapes) are increasing their prices from £5 to £7 per collection. It was resolved to wait to see what price LRS would come back to the Council with before accepting the new increased prices.


Play Equipment Maintenance - Guy Andrews is to carry out the repairs to the dish roundabout

Pavilion An electrician is scheduled to do the exterior light repairs. While the electrician is on site they shall conduct the PAT testing at the same time.

Skate Ramps Nothing further.


STORRINGTON ROAD Nothing to report

SUNDERTON MEADOW Nothing to report.

SOUTH LANE MEADOW; The Trustees meeting had taken place the previous week

POND: Nothing to report


Any Other Reports – Bus Shelters A new contractor had been found to complete the new bus shelter order. Councillors were not sure if the Fish and Chip shop owner had been approached about the new style/type of bus shelter that would be going outside his shop. The Chairman is to check with the clerk, as concerns were that he may not have been asked for his views or contacted out of courtesy.

The original contractor still had some small issues to resolve on the one bus shelter which was produced. The clerk is to check if the dowels are still sticking out and contact the contractor if necessary.


Cllrs confirmed that they had received the members protocol.


The meeting closed at 9.08 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 5th APRIL, 2016 and will follow the Annual Parish Meeting which will commence at 6. 45 p.m.


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