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  • Date: 6th December 2016
  • Duration: 19:00 - 21:39
  • Location: Clanfield Memorial Hall - Blue Room

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Clarke;


The Chairman announced that there were two applicants currently wishing to stand for co-option for the two vacancies. Members had received information on the candidates and it was duly RESOLVED that they be co-opted on to the Council - the appropriate forms were filled in and they took their seats. Cllr Foster did just state that being a Councillor in more involved than attending just one meeting a month and they would be expected to serve on various committee/working groups.


The Chairman , Cllr D’este Hoare, Cllr Lamacraft and Cllr Crookshank declared an interest in item 14 as they are South Lane Meadow Trustees; Cllr White declared an interest in the Memorial Hall and is on the Patient Participation Group


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


District Councillor Wren reported that he was waiting to hear from the Deputy Leader with regards to the Chalton car park closure EHDC leased the car park with CPC paying 50% - EHDC had agreed not to renew the lease with the landowner thus the car park remains closed. It was suggested that the Parish Council may wish to contact the landowner directly with a view to negotiating a lease with them – there was concerns that this would cost Parishioners more money and the PC would then have to accept the liability.

EHDC are open to advertising on their website and are communicating with Clanfield Online Councillor Moon reported that HCC are well prepared should road salting be required with priority as always being with schools and hospitals. A question was asked regarding the highways improvements phase 2 – when will they be completed – there is no date the Green Lane works have been pushed back it is hoped they will be done once the developments are completed.


The Chairman reported that Brian Ahern had submitted an update on the community building – the snagging was almost completed the standard was excellent. The broadband/telephone was on order and the gas and electricity supplies had been organised. There needs to be a security system in place as soon as possible for insurance purposes permission had been given by the Developer to gain access to the building for the security company – the same company who was responsible for the pavilion had been approached. CH said that the Pc had been asked to take on the facility without the Tennis Courts/sports pitch she stated that it was hoped that the Developer would leave the sports areas levelled and EHDC would deliver these facilities. The PC would take on the community building land, once legal transfer had taken place, and then license EHDC to carry out the works; all of the pre-works are being undertaken. It is anticipated that handover would be February 2017 and the sports facilities would be available for use in time for Wimbledon. It was stated that there had been no work done on the allotment site at all and this would need to be done prior to transfer. The Chairman said that there had been some confusion in the process – the PC had always assumed that the facilities would be transferred initially to EHDC and then to CPC, but this was not the case – there were concerns that the PC would be taking on a building site.

Cllr White asked Cllr Moon what the situation was with regards to the kitchen for the building – he stated that there was one quote and they would not spend any more time getting other costings – if the PC want three quotes then they must get them – there had been a suggestion of the PC purchasing the design copyright but this had not been pursued. KM stated that the Parish Institute had not had any instructions on the running of the facility – the Chairman said that the CPI had been asked in July to put together a viable agreement on how the building would be run, which has never been forthcoming, which would include fitting it out especially the kitchen – there were concerns that the three quotation ruling was not being adhered to – a question was asked about how CPI came to the decision of using the kitchen supplier – is there a record of how they reached the decision – is there sufficient evidence on file that could withstand the scrutiny of audit. KM said that he thought that the Chairman had received the Heads of Terms on how the building would be managed - this was unfortunately not the case, he was concerned that CPC and the CPI had not even got past the first hurdle. It was stated that the PC appreciate the work done by KM and BA but obtaining one quote was not “ticking the boxes”. Cllr Moon stated that the CPI / new company needed help in getting things done. A meeting had been arranged for this coming Friday where the Heads of Terms would be discussed and try to resolve this impasse which seemed to have been reached.

To update with regards to the allotments

Cllr Bannell declared an interest as he leaves close to the site Cllr Crookshank reported that the planning permission had been granted with some conditions that had to be met – the planning officer wanted to see the specification for the fence etc An update had been submitted for members. Terramatting needed to be laid and costings for this were to be obtained as this would need to be provided before the site opens. Funding and quotes will be required for the following – sheds, bases, grass paths (approx 1,000sqm,) terramatting (for vehicle access to site, overflow car parking and areas of heavy foot traffic such as entrance gate and area around the communal storage building,) compost bins and water butts – compost bins may be provided/ donated by Greening Clanfield. The allotment association and tenancy agreements need to be set up and agreed. A letter had been drafted to be sent to the first 26 residents on the allotment waiting list. They will be asked to reply by 31/12/16 and state if they still required an allotment and if they wanted one at Windmill View of St James Place. St James Place site has no storage facilities. There are 25 plots each measuring between 32 and 40 sqm. Delivery date not known. The developer will provide 1.8m high chain link fencing, a double gate, 1.2m wide grass paths and one water tap. She feels that one tap is insufficient and 2 or 3 others will be needed. Barratts have quoted nearly £1,000 per extra tap and stated they will need to know if they are required by 06/01/17. Initial costing for the sheds was £400 each. KC would look into which n would be the letting agents for the allotments – CPC or the agents. An allotment Association would only work if people want to be involved.

EHDC update

Covered above

To update with regards to the progress with CPI on the Green Lane facility

Covered above


Working Group Report Cllr Foster reported that the first Working Group meeting had been held in November – he circulated a photograph of the proposed new pavilion building. He had produced a report which was duly circulated to members which included the football club, bowls club, equipment requirements, allotments, ownership .management it was noted that the bowls club would use the majority of the building and would require access to the showers. The junior Football clubs would not require use of the showers. There will be close boarded fencing around the bowls area .With regards to ownership / management of the facilities it was stated that the PC were not consulted over the facilities which were designed by the developer and approved by EHDC – CPC had never been consulted regarding ownership – the PC need to consider if it wants to take ownership. Regarding the bowls – it was considered that further guidance would be required i.e. the bowls club would rent the bowling facilities from the Council for a peppercorn rent and maintain the area and balance their own books etc. – options would need to be considered. The WG asked the Parish Council to approve the following: to proceed to consider the options available, talk with EHDC and the Clanfield Parish Institute and other relevant organisations, and report back to the Parish Council with recommendations for debate and approval; recommend that the Parish Council approach the Clanfield Parish Institute, or any other relevant organisation, to determine whether they would be agreeable to the manage the facilities, should that be the Parish Council’s eventual decision; recommend that the co-opted bowls club members commence work on drawing up a draft agreement to put to the Parish Council; recommend that the Parish Council agree to the above, and authorise the Working Group to proceed to obtaining prices for equipment required. This may be in conjunction with any other procurement processes put in place by either the Parish Council, or the Clanfield Parish Institute. All of the above were agreed although it was suggested that the CPI need to settle with the Windmill View facilities first before taking on any more. Next WG meeting to be arranged.

Adoption of open spaces Plans were displayed showing the areas of open space within the St James Place site. It is expected that the PC take responsibility for the open spaces although if they decided not to the areas would be managed by the Management Company on behalf of the Developer It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would take ownership of the larger open spaces which include the facilities provided – they would not take over the grass areas within the development- this would be subject to a commuted sum being negotiated for future maintenance of the open spaces etc.

HCC Proposals for village access improvements The Chairman and Clerk had attended a follow up meeting with HCC officers etc to discuss proposals for village improvements on the roads and pavements etc throughout the village – the emphasis was in trying to make access easier - a list had been produced and duly circulated to members. A feasibility study would be the next stage followed by a public exhibition


A written report was circulated - Cllr D’este Hoare reported that the Terms of Reference and background to the project are well known to those present Important decisions which need to be addressed immediately were - obtaining the appropriate planning permission to restore the Barns, preparing detailed proposals for the Barns and clarifying the relationship with the developers. Now that consent has been given for the changes to the housing layout, subject to a number of technical issues, the legal basis on which CPC can and should get actively involved must be clearly and properly laid down, either by legal agreement or some other mechanism with the developer. Points arising from discussions on the condition of the barns: The works could be split into two parts with the first aimed at getting the Barns to a completely weatherproof, sound condition. The second would complete the internal works, services and sub division. The sequencing of the work could be dependent upon availability of funds; Research would be a very important factor, because it will be necessary to show that the office rental idea is soundly based on current economic factors in terms of costings, level of demand, possible rental value and amount of letable space achievable. Detailed figures are needed within a sound business case To achieve this it was suggested that information should be obtained from a wide variety of sources including a mail drop to the two new estates which have been/are being built to gauge level of demand, local Chambers of Commerce , Clanfield on Line, local estate agents and even local Rotary/Lions Clubs; Heritage Lottery Funding is possible, it could be for the entire sum required and a decision could take about six months depending on response to the application and the completeness of the application etc. The following recommendations were made to the Council: The Crimea Barns Working Group (CBWG) believes that it is now necessary to have a clear understanding of the level of accommodation that the Barns can reasonably achieve and so recommend that an Architect be asked to prepare detailed plans; The CBWG understands that planning permission for the changes to the housing layout has been given so now believes that consent should be sought for the restoration of the Crimea Barns. The Working Party recommends that the Parish Council seeks planning permission for this restoration work; The CBWG believes that the Heritage Lottery Fund are a realistic possible source of funding for the restoration of the Crimea Barns and recommends to Clanfield Parish Council that a full application to the HLF be made; The CBWG understands that once restoration works start full compliance with current H and S Regulations is essential and so recommends to the Council that at least three hard hats and three Hi Vis waistcoats be purchased. (these may be available from other sources). It was reported that Cllr Crookshank, although originally volunteered to be on the CBWG had to resign as she is involved with the allotments on both sites. It was suggested that Cllr Bannell be appointed as a member of the WG – he agreed thus making a working group of 6 with input and assistance from other bodies. CH suggested the WG contact the Economic Development Team at EHDC as they may be able to advise on business use. Cllr Bannell suggested that market led advice should be sought first prior to proceeding with the planning application – it was agreed that Cllrs D'este Hoare and Bannell would discuss – the next CBWG meeting would be in January 2017

OPEN FORUM 8.55 p.m.

Matters raised: a query regarding access/ dropped kerbs – surfaces would be tactile which was standard for HCC; Cllrs D’este Hoare and Clarks were thanked for their work done to date on the Crimea Barns; Cllr Wren reported that the next Community Forum was on Health and was scheduled for 14th December


149/16TO RECEIVE CORRESPONDENCE LIST - HCC request for overgrown footpaths

Hampshire County Council Priority Cutting List Consultation please consider pathways which may need to be added to the list – Thieves Lane?
Clanfield Farm – works carried out to the entrance way as suggested and paid for by the occupier of the Farm as they have right of access
e.mails regarding the car park at Chalton and therefore the lack of parking provision for church services. – Forwarded to Cllr Wren and Cllr Moon
Clanfield Online – thank you for the donation towards the refurbishment costs for the fingerposts
e.mail contact re: possible Parish Lengthsman
Invitation Christmas drinks at Butser Ancient Farm – PLEASE RSVP DIRECTLY
EHDC - RE: Developers Contributions Delegated Funding Request for New Allotment Gate, Clanfield
- e.mail from Tracy Vear – Further planting offer from the developer at Windmill View
- The bridges project need your votes
- E.mail from Rebecca Probert asking for dates for a possible event which could be held in South Lane Meadow – she is communicating in the first instance with the people who are holding an event in July 2017
- Carer's Right's Day 25th November 2016; Promotion of Animal Welfare Seminar (PAWS 2017)
HALC – Introduction to Social Media - Thursday 26th January - 14.00-17.00 - Booking Confirmation
- November update; Burwood Countryside Services For All Your Land Management Needs
- Councillor Commission Interim Report; Negotiate a better Outcome in Planning Training Session
- Pilot Breakfast Briefings 2017; Councils for Devolution + training
- Council tax referendum principles - Latest from NALC
HCC - Hampshire County Council Parish and Town Council Consultation Workshops - September 2016
- - Footpath Workshop; - HCC news update; Roadside salt/grit bins
Consultation on revisions to the Hampshire draft of Community Involvement Consultation (planning)
Winchester District Local Plan - Consultation Deadline Reminder
Portsmouth Water Company objects to drilling application in national park and is highly critical of applicant's risk assessment
EHAP&TC Meeting in conjunction with EHDC - 29th November at Penns Place


Cllr Foster reported that everything was going to plane he was just waiting to get confirmation regarding First Aid cover. More stewards were required for the event itself.


To receive December financial statement The December financial statement had been circulated to members showing a closing balance of £375,104.63. The financial statement was duly accepted.

To receive list of payments Payments issued since the last meeting £1,909.17. Payments presented at the meeting: £8,673.62 - it was RESOLVED that all payments would be duly paid /accepted. The list of payments attached to the minutes for members. It was RESOLVED that as there is no January meeting scheduled payments due could be made

To consider first draft of the 2017/18 precept The first draft of the precept had been produced by the FWG and presented to members a question was raised regarding the reduction of the grants – it was suggested that the PC have their own projects which necessitate finding funds but are giving money away. It was also suggested that any grant application should be discussed once or twice per year. The final draft would be produced in time for approval at the February meeting.

To purchase 2 new laptops The laptop used for planning was becoming slow and outdated – the local engineer had been asked to recommend a company to supply laptops and he had sent details of what he considered to be appropriate for the PC needs – also to include a second laptop for the new Parish assistant – the cost of two would be £406.94 each which included the cost of the required software including VAT The engineer would set up the machines and this would take about 1 – 1/1/2 hours – it was suggested that Cllr White and the Clerk undergo some training from the engineer. Duly RESOLVED

To consider donating £100 to Speedwatch for wind and waterproof clothing An application had been received from the Speedwatch representative asking if the PC would fund 4 new high vis jackets to the sum of £100 – it was RESOLVED that the purchases could be made

152/16TO UPDATE ON THE PARISH ASSISTANT – documents presented, agreed to progress

A pack had been produced and was duly presented to members for consideration – it was duly RESOLVED that this would be progressed


The clerk had contacted Mr. Andrews but had not yet received a response. The co-ordinater at Rowlands Castle needed a job list so members were asked to come up with further suggestions – it may be that the tasks can be shared.


Play Equipment The weekly inspections were received and passed to Mr Andrews – the stepping pod tops had now been replaced.

Pavilion The showers were running cold and needed attention

Fence/gate replacement The replacement gates had been installed and the fencing replaced around the basketball area along with the storage box for the Football Club.


STORRINGTON ROAD The hedge to the front of the open space area would be cut back by the contractor at a cost of £650.00 plus VAT – routine maintenance

SUNDERTON MEADOW Nothing to report

SOUTH LANE MEADOW The Trustees had met in November; trees had been planted in the Meadow as a thank you from the Clanfield online for allowing them to use the Meadow for the Clanfield Challenge; as suggested at the last meeting the South Lane Meadow Trustees had been approached with regards to the holding of a fete in the Meadow in 2017 – they had agreed, but since then Rebecca Probert from EHDc had contacted the Council regarding an event – the Clerk had suggested that the two groups liaise with each other in the first instance.

POND Following the October clean up it was considered that the pond would benefit from being dredged – Cllr Crookshank and Mr Ahern had met a HCC representative on site to discuss this and it had been suggested that an ecological study would be carried out as there was wildlife in the pond prior to any action being taken, but subject to this it was hoped that the dredging would take place sometime early 2017. Some of the trees around the pond needed attention – this was in hand.


To receive planning committee minutes; The minutes of the planning committee meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly accepted. The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 20th December

Bus Shelters – update unfortunately there had been a delay with the bus shelters and it was anticipated that they would not be installed until the middle/end of January 2017.

Any other reports

Cllr White reported that the surgery inspection report would be relayed to the Council in due course; Cllr Foster had attended the EHAPTC meeting and a report had been circulated directly from the secretary.

It was considered at this point that the PC website needed to be updated – a local company to be approached.

Cllr White raised a query with regards to an update on the 30mph speed limit in Chalton Lane – this was down to the Developers


The meeting closed at 9.39 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 7th February, 2016 and will commence at 7.00 p.m. 


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