Planning committee minutes

Meeting details

  • Date: 20th August 2018
  • Duration: 19:00 - 19:55
  • Location: Pavilion Hospitality Area

Meeting minutes:


Apologies were received from Cllr Collins


No interests were declared


The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and it was RESOLVED that they be duly signed as a correct record.


Site visits were carried out by the Chairman and Clerk

Due to applicants and interested parties being in attendance application 21169/008 was brought forward on the agenda.

28463/031 Sports Pitches – Land South of Chalton Lane – Further Amendment – comments submitted

The following comments were submitted to EHDC following a further amendment which had to be commented on at short notice:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the revised plans which the Applicant has submitted following the Parish Council’s previous representations. The Parish Council supports the enlargement of the sports surface to provide two 9v9 pitches. These are the pitch sizes that Clanfield Football Club has identified as being required in this location. However, and whilst wholeheartedly supporting the proposal to enlarge the size of the pitches, the Parish Council is concerned at the continuing lack of consultation in this matter. It is noted that the Applicant has now specified the works which “Clanfield Parish Council” will be undertaking to the embankment and the French drain but the Parish Council has not been consulted about the nature of these works or their estimated cost.
The Parish Council wishes to be informed that all possibilities have been explored, that this is the only solution to achieving the required enlargement of the pitch sizes and why the cost of providing the prescribed retaining wall and of relocating the French drain should be borne by the Parish Council.

CPC raise concerns that issues raised with EHDC appear not to have been fully addressed.

57497/002 Lime Tree - Fell - High Trees, 116 South Lane

Members considered the proposal and after discussion agreed that the Council would OBJECT to this proposal as it was considered that the tree, which is subject to a TPO, should not be removed unless there was anything wrong with it – it was noted on section 8 of the application that the No box was ticked referring to reasons for removal of the tree this needs to be clarified, it was considered that it was up to the arboricultural officer to view the tree and decide if felling is necessary

57688 First Floor Extension over Garage, Two Storey Extension to Side and Single Extension to Rear - 38 New Road

Members viewed the proposals and after discussion agreed that No Objections would be raised

29605/002 Two detached dwellings and three terraced cottages with car parking, following demolition of existing dwelling - 57 Chalton Lane

Members viewed the plans and received input from the agent. After discussion it was agreed that the Council would strongly OBJECT to the application as it was considered contrary to the Core Strategy CP1, CP10 Spatial Strategy for Housing, CP29 Design of Houses and the National Planning Policy Framework which excludes land in built up areas such as residential gardens; it is considered overdevelopment of the site, completely out of character to the street scene, inappropriate use of the site, back garden development and would set a precedent for future developments of this kind. There are major concerns with regards to the demolition of a perfectly suited bungalow sited in this area on the edge of the South Downs National Park. The proposed terrace to the rear of the site would have a detrimental effect on the neighbouring properties and there are concerns with regards to the removal of so many established trees. The proposed use of the existing access on to Chalton Lane would also cause an increased hazard and risk

21169/008 Change of use of Units D and E to Storage and distribution - POSITIVD, 36A Drift Road

Members received input from both the applicant and a concerned resident and had to try to consider both sides -after discussion it was considered that the planning committee were not in a position to comment on the application as there are 2 parties involved both of whom were advised to submit their individual comments direct to EHDC

52322/008 New dwelling after demolition of existing dwelling - 121 Green Lane

Members viewed the proposals and after discussion agreed that the Council would OBJECT as it was considered overdevelopment of the site, the bulk of the proposal would be out of keeping with the existing properties, insufficient on site parking provision, concern regarding overlooking onto neighbouring properties and concerns on the effect that this proposed development would have on the walnut tree in the garden which is subject to a TPO, also the loss of yet another bungalow

SDNP/18/ Remove existing shed and rebuild in same location a timber framed shed and carport with 03903/HOUS pitched roof - Highlands , Petersfield Lane

Members viewed the proposals and after discussion agreed that No Objections would be raised

36760/008 Single storey detached garage (as Amended by Plans Received 14 August 2018) - 25 Hazel Grove

Members considered the application and agreed that the Council would still object as per the previous application and amendment adding that it would be detrimental to the street scene and although a reduced footprint it was essentially putting a large building in the same place, it was agreed that the Council would add that if EHDC granted permission it should be a condition that the garage be retained as a garage and storage and not to be used for any other purpose and also that there should be some form of planting to screen the garage



57793 Conservatory to rear - 8 Meadowcroft Close
SDNP/18/ Two storey rear extension, porch extension and garage extension - Coniston,
02530/HOUS Little Hyden Lane
SDNP/18/ Discharge of condition 4 for planning permission 17/02622/LIS - listed building consent 
03580/DCOND for internal alterations, formation of a brick clad chimney for a log burner and change windows to doors to rear elevation (as per additional information received 07/07/2017 to show clay chimney pot and cowl) - The Red Lion South Lane Chalton


SDNP/18/ Listed Building Consent - Replacement UPVC Windows – Chalton Windmill
02056/LIS Windmill Lane Chalton


There were two applications pending – members may be able to submit comments via email, but if more applications were received a meeting would need to be called on 3rd September

The meeting closed at 7.55 p.m.


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