Clanfield Coronavirus Community Support Update

Published: 12th May 2020
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Seven weeks of lockdown and counting...


To all the volunteers for all the time and effort dedicated to helping out. The entire village pulls together to look after every single member of the community. You have all done us proud!

Our group has now been going for over two months and so far:

  • The Help Desk has answered in excess of 400 calls for help
  • The Pharmacy Team has hand delivered over 200 prescriptions to vulnerable and shielding members of the community
  • Volunteer Drivers have delivered more than 150 food orders from the Greengrocer, Budgens and other local shops
  • A handful of volunteers have braved all weathers to man the door at Budgens, covering over 300 hours over the past 2 months, enabling the shop to continue to operate safely
  • Clanfield Community Centre donated all their frozen food and snacks from the cafe - our drivers delivered these to some lovely families looked after by Home-Start Butser
  • 38 Buddies have been allocated to families and individuals that are unable to leave their home and they have provided assistance on a regular basis

In fact, the buddy system has proven incredibly successful and here is some heartwarming feedback:

“We’re getting on like a house on fire! Ronald is a lovely chap and he’ll stay part of our family for a long time to come!” - Rachel

“For me , I started on the helpline and realised that due to my personal circumstances becoming a Buddy would work better for me . It has been a good experience in the fact you feel you are helping someone in need.” - Mandy

“I'm generally getting a few bits and pieces for Iris once a week but I'm on call if she needs anything desperately. I always make a point of stopping and having a socially distanced natter with Iris when dropping round her shopping.” - Louise

Thank you from Budgens

Clanfield and all of us at Budgens are so grateful to all the volunteers for all you are doing for the community. We hear so many lovely comments about everyone’s efforts to help those less fortunate in all different ways. We are so thankful for all the help with monitoring our doors. A man this morning asked where someone was as he missed having a morning chat which he said gave him a sense of community spirit. I assured him that someone would be along shortly.

Thank you all once again, Andy and Jacqui and all at Budgens

While the announcement yesterday introduced some relaxation of the lockdown, there is no change for those that are shielding, thus we will continue to need your support in making sure no one gets left behind.

Some of you have expressed some frustration at not being able to get involved enough, or even at all. We are in this for the long hall and, as some of the active volunteers return to their day jobs, there will be more opportunities for people to offer their time and expertise.

I will finish with a quote we received on a thank you card this morning from one of the beneficiaries of our services:

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention” - Oscar Wilde

We will be here for the duration of this crisis for those who need us!

Call us Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm 07392 021915 or email:

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